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-an introduction-


The Sofa Sessions is an independent musical collective put together in the month of December in 2004 by Ariff Akhir, Nazneen Halim and Shahril Eashak. The current band is made up of Ariff who sings and plays the guitar, Shahril on electric bass and Shahriz A E (Aie) who sings and plays the drums and percussions.


Prior to the Sofa Sessions, Ariff spent some years performing as a solo singer-songwriter in Kuala Lumpur and played in an acoustic blues band in Canterbury, England.  Shahril played with a couple of well-established bands in Kuala Lumpur and in a club band in Georgia in the United States.  Aie still plays in a modern rock outfit that regularly performs in and around Kuala Lumpur.


The band’s songwriting approach and their overall sound are largely shaped by their various individual and collective musical influences that include Ariff’s the Rolling Stones and Guns ‘N’ Roses, Shahril’s Wham and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aie’s Weezer and the Dave Matthews Band.


To date, the band has performed at numerous live events in Kuala Lumpur including the Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Fest, various Music Canteen / Pan Global Insurance tour road shows, Starbucks Coffee series of live shows and many other independently organised live shows and private functions.


The band is currently recording for a self-produced full-length CD expected to be released by the end of 2005 or early 2006. The band’s single, Three Songs, released in August of 2005, is available for sale at venues where the band is performing or by e-mail order.


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